5 Bedroom Upgrades That’ll Help You Sell Your Home In Record Time

Are you looking for ways to sell a house fast in Lee County, Florida? You can hook in plenty of potential buyers and get a fair deal if your home is in good condition when you list it. And to ensure it’s in good condition, trying renovating to turn your boring old bedroom into a luxurious master bedroom!

A modern, tastefully-furnished bedroom can entice potential buyers and even spark a bidding war. Of course you may need to do basic repairs in the bedroom before you can start upgrading, but once these are done you can start working to totally transform your bedroom.

Before we jump into the tips, here’s a bit of renovation advice: Place yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Take a look at your bedroom and see what’s missing. Also, consider what needs to be removed or replaced. Looking at things from the perspective of a potential buyer can help you determine which renovations are worth it.

1. Clear Out The Closets

Everyone has a moment where they wish for extra closet space. And if a potential buyer comes to your home and sees that it’s lacking in this very crucial department, they may be turned off immediately. Clear out your closets and put all the things you want to keep in temporary storage off the property. Next, stock the empty closets with hangers, closet organizers, and other accessories that potential buyers may want to see.

2. Remove The Personal Touches

We cannot stress this enough: The main goal at showings is to get potential buyers to visualize living in the home. It’ll be easy for potential buyers to have this experience if the house has been stripped of personal touches. Remove family photos and hang up neutral artwork where they were.

3. Avoid Loud Colors

Cerulean blue and turquoise might be your favorite colors, but that doesn’t mean they’ll appeal to the majority of buyers. Often, parents let their little ones pick room color, which is why you see colors like sunshine yellow, jungle green, and bubble gum pink in homes. These colors may be fun for kids, but they’ll make selling a home harder. The walls in your home should be cream-colored, beige, or white.

4. Choose Lighting

Add luxurious lights to brighten up your bedroom. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with brighter and more energy-efficient LED lighting. The crispness of LED lighting can make the space feel brighter and larger. And since people love being able to control lights from their phone, you should invest in some smart lighting—if your budget allows for this, of course.

Another option is letting in as much natural light as possible. Throw open the curtains and clean the windows to let the sunshine in. Natural light can make a space look bigger, especially if there are mirrors placed strategically in the bedroom.

5. Hire A Professional Stager

A professional stager can make the home look and feel picture-perfect. They’ll bring in rented furniture to give the space a new look. And if you can’t splurge on a professional stager, don’t worry—you can do things on your own with some help from Pinterest. Look up bedroom staging tips online and try out some successful setups.

Staging will help potential buyers connect with your home. Moreover, if you stage so the rooms look more open, it’s likely you’ll be able to attract numerous buyers. Just remember that staging won’t cover up damage, so repairs may be unavoidable.

Implementing these five upgrades can make your bedroom first-rate and help you sell your home quicker. But if these upgrades don’t bring more interest to your home sale, we’ve got an option for you.

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